Your Private Label Factory

Eromed is a Polish producer of private label pills
and cosmetics for erotic sellers. We serve companies from over 40 countries on five continents, which makes us the fastest growing factory in this part of the European Union.

Private Label

What makes us special?

From 2000 Pieces

Minimum quantity

We will make order for private label
from 2000 pieces

From 2 weeks

Implementation time

Your order will be processed
even in two weeks

Best prices

Best prices in UE

We offer the best prices
in the entire European Union.

Formula 1

Penis Enlargement

Formula 2

Penis Enlargement, Potency, Orgasm Delay

Formula 3

Breast Enlargement

Formula 4

Orgasm Delay

Formula 5

Erection / Potency

Formula 6

Women Libido

Formula 7

Sexual Health

Formula 7


Potency, Libido

Formula 6


Aphrodisiac, Potency, Libido

Formula 8


Penis Enlargement, Breast Enlargement

Formula 9


Penis Enlargement, Orgasm Delay, Libido, Potency

Formula 10


Penis Enlargement, Orgasm Delay, Libido, Potency

Formula 11



Formula 12




We know that the highest quality is the key to creating your private label. We guarantee quality according to the highest standards of the European Union.


All the products we create are completely safe for health, confirmed by certificates and a number of tests and controls carried out both during and after the production process.


We provide full documentation for each product, including laboratory tests. At the customer’s request, we can also carry otu additional tests to which a certificate will be issued.


We will help you create everything you need for your private label. From the graphic design, through delivery of full documentation, registration in the appropriate office and marketing.

Private label - Step by step!


You fill in the form in which you choose the formula of the ingredients, the product’s design options, the qualntity of the product, choose the languages for the label, box and internal label.

Design Project

We create a design project according to your guidelines. You can also send us your ready design project.

Summary of the Offer

You get a summary of the offer, in which you will find all the information about private label, including the price, production time, laboratory test results (if you have chosen this option).

of your Private Label

At this stage, you pay 30% of the production costs of private label. We start the rpoduction. In your client panel you will be able to check the stageon which your Private Label is at all times.

Your Private label
is Ready!

Your product is ready, you pay the rest of the amount and we send you order immediately. You receive a tracking link, receive goods and you’re ready to start earning money.